In our previous report, we spoke of the dire situation of Sugerry and his broken motherboard, however we have obtained several updates to this story, painting a chilling picture of Enthalpy’s attitude.

Last time we mentioned that the culprit of this crime was none other than Enthalpy himself, however, details on how the motherboard had been broken were unavailable. In another interview with Sugerry, we were able to divulge more information about what exactly had occurred. “Well yes, this graphics card did not fit into the case so, we decided to use a different one he had lying around. While Enthapi was putting the motherboard into the new case, he could not find which screw it needed. Out of anger, he held the motherboard in between his legs trying to get the screw out. I believe this is the time that the motherboard had broke”. This shocking revelation tells us this was no accident, but rather an act of pure frustration. We at Krew News believe that had Enthalpy followed the instructions on the box, this incident would have never occurred. Additionally, we have learned that not only has Enthalpy taken the GPU, but is also running a dual monitor setup, using Sugerry’s hard-earned money. Many of our readers have voiced their opinions on the matter, calling for Enthalpy to take responsibility, and give up his money to buy a new motherboard. However, we at Krew News also believe that following Enthalpy’s track record, it is highly unlikely he will agree to such demands. Due to the ongoing pandemic, and the unavailability of certain online retailers, it could be months before Sugerry is able to obtain new parts, and due to his GPU being confined in his brother’s boiling hot PC for a potentially significant period of time, it is unlikely to function correctly once it is removed, suggesting a new GPU may need to be acquired. We’ll have more to say on this story as the news reaches us.

For now, this is Lucaz, reporter for Krew News, back to you at home.


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