Building a PC is no easy task, but for one individual, the challenge lied not in the construction, but rather the unboxing. Sub-par Fortnite player Sugerry, tells us his components cost him roughly £200, and he had been planning on obtaining them for some time. However, he then goes on to tell us he foolishly placed his trust into his brother Enthapi, who was helping him with the process. According to Sugerry, Enthapi broke the motherboard while removing it from the box. Details of how it was broken are unknown at this time.

For Sugerry however, all hope is not lost, as he had an extra £20 left over after buying his components. He is claiming that he only needs a total of £50 to buy replacements, although according to our sources, we at Krew News have deemed it unlikely that Sugerry will be able to buy satisfactory parts at this time, going off the standard market value. For the foreseeable future, Sugerry will be left without a workable PC. Our sources are also claiming that his graphics card (a XFX RX 580) has been handed to his brother, in order to allow him to play Warzone, implying that the only thing Sugerry accomplished, was buying Enthapi some parts.

This is Lucaz, reporter for Krew News, back to you live in the studio.


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2 thought on “Man immediately breaks PC before components are removed from box”
  1. Well yes, this graphics card did not fit into the case so, we decided to use a different one he had lying around. While enthapi was putting the mother board into the new case he could not find what screw it needed. Out of anger he held the mother board in between his legs trying to get the screw out. I believe this is the time that the mother board had broke.

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