Image of the man captured on CCTV shortly after he was seen chasing down a car screaming

An arrest warrant has been issued by North Somerset Police, searching for a man who is following cars, and demanding they put on BBC Radio 2. Eyewitness reports suggest he is in his 18s, and has an industrial bolt fitted to his right hand, sporting the Off White name. Victims claimed he was chasing their cars for hours at a time, and when given the chance, would bang on their windows, screaming at them to change the station. One victim who wished to remain anonymous, stated “He had this maniacal look in his eyes, which were bright red. He kept screaming at me, and when I started to panic, he began punching the windows with his bolt. I drove off as fast as I could, and he kept chasing me for about 15 minutes before he stopped.” Police have sent out a warning to all drivers with a functioning radio, telling them to be wary of anyone walking on foot, and should they encounter this individual, use whatever means necessary to get away, and call the police.


By Lucaz

Senior Reporter for

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